Jarvisburg Christian Academy

Academic excellence in a Christian context with computer enhanced learning!

Why a Christian Education for your home?

We believe that the truths of God's Word should be taught at the earliest age and be continued through the adult years.  It is our firm belief that the Word of God and its message of redeeming grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only adequate foundation for any Christian education program.  True Christian education will provide a distinct Christian philosophy and include Biblical studies as an integral part of its curriculum.  This is necessary to obtain a well-balanced and properly focused education, which views all knowledge in light of Biblical truth.  Our mission is to partner with families who wish to build their home on the Solid Rock with a Christ-centered education.

We Excel in Academic Standards

We offer an educational program that emphasizes careful instruction by caring teachers, leading to an ability to read with understanding, write and speak clearly and accurately, and compute with precision.  We go beyond rote memory learning by developing strong study skills with critical and analytical reasoning.  It is accomplished by controlled, motivated learning with an emphasis on matching the individual needs of each student in a goal-oriented and technologically rich environment.

We Develop High Spiritual and Moral Standards

It is our desire to instill within each student a high regard for spiritual and moral standards.  The absence of God's Word from educational and discipline programs is the major cause of low spiritual and moral standards.  To teach a child there is no God is to train a fool.  We believe the Lord teaches us to excel spiritually as well as academically.  Therefore, we are constantly striving for higher academic standards, which will equip your child to become a leader in this generation, both vocationally and spiritually.

Available Subjects


Bible, Language Arts, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science


Elementary French and Spanish, French I, Spanish I and II, American and British Literature, Consumer Math, Accounting, Health, Health Quest, Essentials of Communication, State History, Civics, Story of the Constitution, Art, Drawing Basics, Computer Literacy, Foundations for Living, Home Economics (additional fees required).


Children will be accepted regardless of race, color, or ethnic backgound, if they will agree to the policies, rules, and doctrinal statement of the school.


To apply for admission:

Jarvisburg Christian Academy

121 Forbes Road

Jarvisburg, NC 27947

Phone: (252)491-8283

Fax: (252)491-8729

e-mail: JCAcademy@aol.com  



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JCA is in need of church members to help fill committee positions.  The committees are Spiritual Life, Finance, Education, Building and Public Relations.  See Kathleen Crawford if you are interested in serving.



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